Sketchbook: The Tao of Nina

A freewriting I did after several people kept asking me what I do for exercise.  Please forgive poor grammar and misspellings.  Click on the first picture.  When it pops up, you can click on the close up of the picture to take you to the next page sequentially.

Flaming Red Penis

I love you. Cheery!!!

I love you. Cheery!!!

I love my friend, Cheery, for her innocence.   We have a tradition of buying each other little gifts when we travel or see something which reminds us of our friendship (as I do with many of my friends). She was in Mexico recently and picked up this little key chain for me.  She presented it to me one evening in a dark parking lot outside.  I was thrilled with it!  “It even has a flaming red penis!!!”,  I declared.  Cheery looked baffled for a moment and said, “It does???”  I held it up, “Yes it DOES!!!  It is perfect!!!”  Cheery said, “I’m glad I didn’t notice that at the shop, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it!”  I drug Cheery inside to a well-lit place and showed her the flaming red penis.  She agreed, “Why, yes it does have a penis.”  I tried to make her understand how excited I was to have received this.  “This is fabulous, I adore it!!!!”

What I love most about it is that Cheery didn’t notice while she was debating which of several key chains to get me, and I, of course, noticed it in the dark.

Attached to my purse, I let him swing freely in the breeze.

And What About That Recount?


I am sharing the link below here because Facebook is blocking Rappoport’s blog as spam (censorship).

Check out how Fresno killed the Proposition 37 recount HERE.  < This is the article on his blog FB won’t let me post.