And What About That Recount?


I am sharing the link below here because Facebook is blocking Rappoport’s blog as spam (censorship).

Check out how Fresno killed the Proposition 37 recount HERE.  < This is the article on his blog FB won’t let me post.

Sixteen Tons

This Ernie Ford clip is messing with my mind:

I think it bothers me because of the setting and the audience interaction.  It looks like it could be any fundraising dinner for wealthy donors.

A friend shared it with me today with this post:

Nina, don’t you think they should paint “Don’t Panic” on the side of these or is “Police/ Rescue” enough?

“serving a warrant service” “while they’re making entry into the house” “???!!!

While watching the Ford clip after reading the above article and watching the vid on the armored vehicles, in my head I kept singing, “St. Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go.  I’m on my way to Mexico.”

The Golden Glow Casts a Shadow

I didn’t know all this, even though I had followed it over the summer.  The whole database and not being able to stand in your own yard with a couple of friends is crazy!  (Although, not too surprising.  In a different state, I had a black friend who was harassed by police for sitting on his own front porch at night.  He had to have the police wake up his white wife who was sleeping upstairs so she could verify that he lived in his affluent neighborhood!)

Disneyland resort aside, those of us who work here on the coast-coast and serve the affluent folk have to live somewhere.  Many live a bit inland in Anaheim and Santa Ana where it is less expensive.

Anaheim, a tale of two cities on Al Jazeera’s Faultlines:

Click the photo by Alex Gallardo / Reuters to be taken to Al Jazeera Video

Click the photo by Alex Gallardo / Reuters to go to Al Jazeera Video