Sixteen Tons

This Ernie Ford clip is messing with my mind:

I think it bothers me because of the setting and the audience interaction.  It looks like it could be any fundraising dinner for wealthy donors.

A friend shared it with me today with this post:

Nina, don’t you think they should paint “Don’t Panic” on the side of these or is “Police/ Rescue” enough?

“serving a warrant service” “while they’re making entry into the house” “???!!!

While watching the Ford clip after reading the above article and watching the vid on the armored vehicles, in my head I kept singing, “St. Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go.  I’m on my way to Mexico.”

Love King Chango but…

…why in the hell do I usually have a song like this come on when the utility guy is over?   I am not trying to evoke him to leave me his personal cell phone number should I “need any further assistance”.  I wonder how many numbers I have discarded, given by workers and handy men over the years, due to my music selection.

king chango

^Best Dressed Pimp from The Return of El Santo album by King Changó

King Changó is one of my favorites.  Theirs are the only albums I own in the genre of ska.  Their music is an eclectic fusion of different beats, languages, and styles.  Listening to the albums takes one on a magic carpet ride even if the subject matter is grounding:

^God Damn Killers from King Changó’s, King Changó album

Each song on these albums is full of possibility during its play and changes from one moment to the next.

I have always had a soft spot for music that has movements–whether it is classical, heavy metal, or anything in between.