Men with Guns by John Sayles

Not so new anymore

Not so new anymore

“There are only two kinds of people: men with guns and those at their mercy.”

Why was this trailer so FUCKING difficult to find???  It has been yanked from YouTube, the official movie website, and Netflix!!! Perhaps it is the message?

When my parents and I were traveling around the borders of Belize and Guatemala in Mexico, our rental car was searched many times by the military.  I asked my dad why.  He said they were looking for guns.  I said, “Guns?!!!  Why would we have guns???”  To which my father replied “The government is afraid we might get arms into the hands of the people.”


As with anything Jodorowsky, this probably is not going to be what you are expecting. I invite those who have an interest in philosophy and decidedly no interest in the tarot to take a look and comment. One of the best extras on a DVD EVER!!!  From his Holy Mountain dvd from box collection.

I love the excitement and passion in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s voice as he describes each card!

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