I’m not certain if it is the sleep deprivation caused by a beloved elf, the number of cute kitten posts on a friend’s Facebook page, or the invitation to join a pirate’s crew, but I feel goaded into taking the gloves off.  I sometimes find it difficult coming up with material which is entirely G-rated and won’t offend anyone (the people who know me well probably wouldn’t even think it possible).  My posts sometimes seem stiff because I am straining on my own leash.  Well, NO MORE!!!  I will continue to post items and photographs which are meant to spread good vibies and love on Nina’s Breakfast, but I also am not being entirely true to my multi-faceted self by imposing the limitation of keeping it clean.  Several of my friends have commented that I should have a blog that depicts the various characters that make up a Nina.

Here is your chance to take a peek.



PS. If you have any questions you would like to ask me, do so in the comments below and perhaps I will use it for a post.

PPS. Especially for those who know me personally, if you post comments, etc, on the pages, please do not refer to me by my last name or give information about where I work or what it is I specifically do. I am trying to keep these somewhat anonymous. I am using pseudonyms for those of you to whom I refer in my books, etc.  If you choose to, I STRONGLY encourage you to post comments under your pseudonym. I have control of all comments.  I will not allow a comment to be posted if it is hurtful to some other person or troll-like. Argumentative and questioning is okay, as this fosters discussion.

4 responses to “About

  1. Well…let the leash remain your own leash..! And now and then replace it with a nice stiff little whip – a pirate needs someone with the right….charm to keep his crew in order, so if you feel like tying them to the masts, arms tied behind them, and tapping along the body, inner thighs, chests, stomach, down below, where you will notice much hardening, stretching, big, thick, masculine, and intense…..to see what effect it has, then try a trial run! You are therefore invited aboard – I’m glad you have your own set of pirate attire ..you never know what size fits best. We will of course join you in a natural way, though less worried about tan lines – that is if you don’t mind seeing the clear signs of our admiration… or perhaps it is best for us to remain in our clothes, and to be caught individually, in the shadows, in a cabin, on the deck at night, to receive an expert tattoo each, to unzip and show our hard, erect desire to you .. an be tasted by a pirate..we have good taste in what we seek…your treasure for a pirates tongue is worth the best rum that could be plundered…

  2. Hearties are setting sail as we speak..its Cadenhead or bust, nothing less to dip into and taste…ahhh…Calvados…je connais Calvados ma cher..je connais…!
    At sunrise sit on the barrel of rum, and pull you skirts up yer legs, (ye must wear skirts at times…)..I will take yer heel in my palm, and pour the rum down your leg, point yer toes, so the rum roll down into my mouth.
    Then your turn. Call me crew. Have show. Unzip and show. How d’ye like ’em? Thick..? A certain…presence…protruding? Choose one, pour the calvados just above, onto the lower stomach, and watch it stream down, squat down and let it dribble off into your mouth….
    and that’s all..then grab a bunk, get some sleep, and let your dreams awaken your desires…

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