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Happily Single

A really good girl friend of mine is getting married.  As we were chatting with a male friend, he joked and said, “Nina, you’re going to be next!”  I laughed and said, “There is no way in hell.”  I went on to explain that I was thinking of using the t-shirt design from* to use as my profile picture on Facebook, especially after having just watched the 1957 movie Crime of Passion starring Barbara Stanwyck. 
You can't turn a ho into a housewife
“You know what that movie is about?” I asked my friends.   “It is about a happy, adventurous girl who really enjoys being single.  She ends up getting married and it drives her to committing murder.”  My friends laughed at me but I was being serious!

*I don’t know if the company is still viable, but I have purchased shirts from them in the past. 

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“Let’s take a trip, me and you, let’s go the scenic route…headlong into the irresistible orbit” –The band, Morphine

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