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A Wife and Her Benefits


Grilled curry chicken pho with additional steamed broccoli, a whole onion, and 5 cloves of garlic.

The only time I rue being single is when I become so ill that I should remain bedridden.  I have been sick with some sort of allergies-turned-into-sinus-infection thingy.  I spent two solid days sleeping, getting up only to fetch a replacement box of tissues, heat some soup, or make some tea.  My upstairs neighbor has been kind enough not to bang on the wall, though I know that my continual hacking through the night must be driving him crazy.  My obliques are sore from the effort, and each cough now produces aching abdominal pain.

Eventually, I had to leave my house for provisions: pho, garlic, lime, onion, ginger, broccoli and more tissues.  I didn’t put on a bra or comb my hair.  I just wound my soft scarf around my swollen throat, threw on a jacket, and made my way for some take-out Vietnamese.  They were so good to me at my restaurant, giving me hot tea while I waited for them to pack up my order in the containers I brought.  They added extra garlic to my pho and gave me extra chili paste.  I felt nurtured.

Still, during times like these, I need a wife.  Or my Mommy.  I just want someone to make me fresh chicken soup, draw a bath, go out and buy garlic and tissues, and feel sorry for me until I return to my bouncing self.

I found this poem.  I didn’t write it, so don’t get angry with me!

I can’t wait until I feel like being single again!

A Wife and Her Benefits

By Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar

Wife is a maid without payment.

As a bed mate, a house maid,

A care taker, a cook, a nurse,

She serves her spouse and his kids

For the wages of title – wife.

Retirement benefit is, perhaps, widowhood.

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