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Nancy Drew; Carolyn Keene
“Everything is such a mess,” said Mrs. Gruen. “I was talking to the police just before I called you and they have no leads at all to where your father might be.”
“Hannah, this is dreadful!” said Nancy. “I don’t know how, but I intend to find Dad—and quickly, too!”
After the conversation between herself and the housekeeper was over, Nancy walked up and down the hall, as she tried to formulate a plan. Something must be done!
Suddenly Nancy went to the front door, opened it, and walked outside. She breathed deeply of the lovely morning air and headed for the rose garden. She let the full beauty of the estate sink into her consciousness, before permitting herself to think further about the knotty problem before her.
Long ago Mr. Drew had taught Nancy that the best way to clear one’s brain is to commune with Nature for a time. Nancy went up one walk and down another, listening to the twittering of the birds and now and then the song of the meadow lark. Again she smelled deeply of the roses and the sweet wisteria which hung over a sagging arbor.
Ten minutes later she returned to the house and sat down on the porch steps. Almost at once a mental image of Nathan Gomber came to her as clearly as if the man had been standing in front of her. The young sleuth’s mind began to put together the various pieces of the puzzle regarding him and the railroad property.
“Maybe Nathan Gomber is keeping Willie Wharton away!” she said to herself. “Willie may even be a prisoner! And if Gomber is that kind of a person, maybe he engineered the abduction of my father!”

Nancy Drew in The Hidden Staircase by Carolyn Keene

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