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Love King Chango but…

…why in the hell do I usually have a song like this come on when the utility guy is over?   I am not trying to evoke him to leave me his personal cell phone number should I “need any further assistance”.  I wonder how many numbers I have discarded, given by workers and handy men over the years, due to my music selection.

king chango

^Best Dressed Pimp from The Return of El Santo album by King Changó

King Changó is one of my favorites.  Theirs are the only albums I own in the genre of ska.  Their music is an eclectic fusion of different beats, languages, and styles.  Listening to the albums takes one on a magic carpet ride even if the subject matter is grounding:

^God Damn Killers from King Changó’s, King Changó album

Each song on these albums is full of possibility during its play and changes from one moment to the next.

I have always had a soft spot for music that has movements–whether it is classical, heavy metal, or anything in between.

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