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It is Not Pee

I am posting this old thread of mine from a social network.  Originally this post was closed to most of my friends and relatives.  I choose to post the thread here in hopes of alleviating questions.  Perhaps a young woman, who is getting her pelvic exam and ventures to inquire of her doctors and nurses if they have ever heard of such a thing as female ejaculation, will not take their advice if they refer her to someone who specializes in sexual dysfunction.  Likewise, I have had to assure many a boy that I wasn’t peeing on them.  It isn’t pee.  Enjoy it like a real martini–one with good gin and plenty of vermouth.  In other words: WET.

Nina: To go with a sub-theme of the day–I have two, one for each bed!!!

Nina: Hairdryers aren’t the most convenient thing to whip out of your pocket when one isn’t wearing any clothing.

Nina: Proof

A. Ray: Sometimes you confuse the shit out of me.

A. Ray: Ok, I’ve spent 4 minutes trying to figure it out. WHAT?

Nina: “Proof” that I have plenty of mattress covers

A. Ray: LoL, and they say it never rains in S Cal. It’s only fun if afterward you don’t have to cuddle in the wet spot.

Moose: What a babe–double schwang!!!

A. Ray: In the 17th century, François Mauriceau described glands at the urethral meatus that “pour out great quantities of saline liquor during coition, which increases the heat and enjoyment of women.

A. Ray: De Graaf discussed the original controversy but supported the Aristotelian view. He identified the source as the glandular structures and ducts surrounding the urethra.

[VI:66-7]The urethra is lined by a thin membrane. In the lower part, near the outlet of the urinary passage, this membrane is pierced by large ducts, or lacunae, through which pituito-serous matter occasionally discharges in considerable quantities.

A. Ray:

A. Ray: Vindicated!!!

A. Ray: “Female ejaculation is, in fact, very old and was once commonplace. Written records of it can be found all through recorded history. From the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome to Japan and Imperial China, female ejaculation formed an integral part of human sexuality. It is only in modern times that we seem to have lost this pleasurable part of our sexual heritage.”

Moose:  Must check closer next time…

A. Ray: Holy crap, look at how big this argument can get. 17 forum pages.

“When a woman is “squirting”…exactly what is squirting out and from where?”

Moose: Will have CSI simply analyze it next time…

Nina: I haven’t read the articles yet, but my brain did flash to the subject of this thread last night at the point when I felt all the liquid drain out of every one of my cells to my nether region, leaving me with an almost unbearable cotton mouth. Sometimes I wish it WAS pee, because then I would be able to more easily release. I cannot do it when someone is deep inside of me and doesn’t let me push them out. It is easier to do in certain positions, but this has less to do with pressure on my bladder or whatever and more to do with that I have more control over the depth of the thrust (if there even is thrusting involved; once started and when I am in a particular and turned-on frame of mind, it is possible to cum without anything inside of me).

Past experiments and experience tells me it does not come out of the urethra. I was very concerned about whether I was peeing or not because of the way I found out I could do this. My boyfriend and I embarked upon many experiments and finally decided I wasn’t going shi-shi. I guess I consider it a type of orgasm because it is a release.  Like other orgasms, it can determine where I go from there.  Some orgasms are a progression of steps up, up, and away, while others are a sharp peak with an absolute end—like most men’s. If I cannot cum when my body wants me to do so, there can be some frustration involved, and it takes a while to get back to that “place” again. Not ejaculating when my body plans on taking this course can hinder the progression up and up. Whether or not I am cumming, I MUST consume copious quantities of water the entire time. Perhaps squirting for some people is squirting pee, but I do not think this is the case with me. I wondered at one point if it was overactive Bartholin’s glands. After hours of sex and liters of water, if my body has prepared to cum but I do not, there usually is a period of transition to get the water She has held in reserves back over to the bladder/urethral side of things so that I am able to urinate.  This also happens if I am in advanced sexual states that do not involve cumming—when I am a kite that is so far out that I can no longer see my body holding the string.

Yes She Can!

Thanks for the photo, Thumper!

Also, in support of the not pee/urethral argument: if the amount is copious, it is a sudden GUSH. It is not like peeing a lot.  I don’t even know if it is possible for urine to leave one’s body like that! I have never ever peed like I can gush—even when having to go to the bathroom is a gasping release of sorts. When I really need to pee a copious amount and there is some force behind it, I can feel it coming out of my urethra. If it were even possible, I would think that I could feel a GUSH coming out of my urethra (and I don’t). I don’t really ‘feel’ the movement of the actual liquid or the feeling of the release of pressure of my bladder (like one can when one pees). What I feel has more to do with a release that seemingly has nothing to do with either my urethra or bladder. Sometimes I don’t know whether I have come or not until I feel the wetness dripping down my thighs or slide against it on my lover’s belly. Cumming in my experience has always been a stepping stone to a higher place, and never like a clitoral, “Okay, I’m done. Let me roll over and go to sleep”-type of orgasm. Even after cumming copiously (like, smack-your-hand-on-the-sheets-and-there-will-be-a-splash), after getting back into my body, I will still need to pee to release toxins.

Cum doesn’t smell like pee—don’t forget, I have been a professional smeller. There is a slight muskiness. An ex’s cat used to enjoy rolling in it afterwards. I will take a look at the articles above and read thoughtfully until I get pissed off (which, once again, I will point out is different to the more pleasurable feeling of cumming).

My dearest A. Ray, sleeping in the wet spot is the reason I will always prefer two doubles to a king when staying at a hotel with someone I am loving up against: one to sleep in, one to play in.

Nina:  I forgot to mention that the one who I experimented with told me that it tastes different. Though I do not believe I have tasted pee, I have tasted my cum plenty of times.  It doesn’t taste like my urine smells (which I guess is like tasting it with my olfactory bulb anyway). Is this too much information? A. Ray, I can’t read very far on the forum page you sent without my brain wanting to turn off.

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