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I have so many things I want to post about.  Unfortunately, my computer was down for a bit and this is a busy week for me.  I am experimenting with flip book programs.  I would like to load jpg.s without having to convert them to a pdf. file since some of Adobe somehow got erased from my computer.  This is one of the few sketchbooks that I already had as a pdf.  This is an early version when I was experimenting with uploading the drawings from my sketchbooks and then typing the text since my freewriting scribble can be a little difficult to read.  

Not all the books are glum.  As soon I figure out these programs, I will post some funny ones. 

Click picture below if you wish to look at this short book:

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“Let’s take a trip, me and you, let’s go the scenic route…headlong into the irresistible orbit” –The band, Morphine

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