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Ramon’s 2nd Book

This is a heavy book to begin with.  It is one of the few which I consider “finished” in that it is taken from a sketchbook and elaborated upon.  Most of my books are in sketchbook form.  These are free writings which I illustrate (an example of some pages).  Many of them are silly frustrations, some of them are observations, this particular book was ardently cathartic.  I wrote it many years ago.  It is actually the 2nd book of a series of 3 that I did regarding emotions that came up after my brother committed suicide in our house.  I crudely vomit through my pen in my sketchbooks—the portion of the process when I am emotional and sorting things out.  When I work on a formal rendition of the sketchbook, such as what I have posted here, I have all the emotions that were bound with the subject matter already released.  This part of the book–when I play with cut paper– was a joy to work on, even though its subject matter is tough.

I’m trying out this Flipsnack program. It is interesting looking at this book this way. Originally each page you see in this book was a two-page spread. I want to be able to have more control of the formatting than what this program allows.  But it is a start.

To read the book, click the covers made with Momiji lace #57 over purple Moriki paper

Happy Birthday, Moonie!!!

Thank you for still visiting me in my dreams.

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