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First Thought : It Will Burn

Nah.  It doesn’t.

Semen coming out of my nose has only happened once.

Ejaculate is body temperature, therefore it doesn’t burn.

When I realized what had happened because my lover wasn’t positioned quite right in my mouth, I LAUGHED and LAUGHED.

I wasn’t expecting any firsts at that moment.

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“Let’s take a trip, me and you, let’s go the scenic route…headlong into the irresistible orbit” –The band, Morphine

5 responses to “First Thought : It Will Burn

  1. Lovies, I’m going to post more thoughtful stuff than this first post. I merely want visitors to firmly realize that they shouldn’t know what to expect when they check out this site. Anything goes, especially if it has to do with the taboo subjects of religion, politics, or sex.

  2. I’ll move onto religion and philosophy next, I promise, but here’s what we once did on holiday in Croatia, and my question is, would you dare? On the beach we (volunteers) were lined up in our swimming shirts. My gorgeous one was blindfolded and had to go down the line plunging her hands down each man’s shorts, having a feel, and deciding whether that was her lover’s or not. So, would you dare – and would you enjoy that fun?

    • So I’m assuming that the volunteers were standing at attention with excitement? If so, then my participation would depend on how jealous my lover would be if I were to linger at one particular person or make comments like, “I might have to put this one in my mouth to make certain” or “Dearest, why don’t YOU have a turtleneck?” If I was mostly feeling limp, then it would probably be mighty difficult to tell. How did your gorgeous one do?

      With the right group of people, this sounds like the makings of an uproarously entertaining afternoon. I would have to be completely comfortable with this gang of men, especially being blindfolded. I would have to be confident that it would remain fun and games. Gang rape is something that I hope to never experience. What did everyone do after the game? Drink more beer and go for a swim?

      • No beer even! She didn’t know any of them! – except one of course – it is one of a few events organised either by the town council or hotel or something – people join in if they want in the events. One was met later in the evening while having coffee which sort of funny. Yes..we didn’t get to the..sampling her mouth….though she did tell me her fantasy later .. nope..she didn’t even guess right!
        The..rape sentence..horrific..not anywhere near to anything anytime.

  3. Sounds like a fun town or hotel!!!

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